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NanoBio Protect is now eligible for FSA & HSA Reimbursement!

Next-Level Protection

Next-Level Protection Next-Level Protection Next-Level Protection Next-Level Protection Next-Level Protection

Kills 99.99% of infection causing germs on contact

Kills 99.99% of infection causing germs on contact Easy to apply Offers protection for up to 8 hours Prevention is about layers Safe for daily use
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Did you know?

  • We touch our faces 23 times an hour on average.
  • Most respiratory infections enter through the nose.
  • You can prevent infection more effectively through multiple layers of protection.
  • NanoBio Protect offers up to eight hours of protection against germs.

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Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews


Great Product!

Easy to use, no smell, FDA approved, extra protection against all the viruses going around..what’s not to like?! Our entire family uses Nano BioProtect before we go out in public as an added defense from COVID-19. As an allergy sufferer I constantly have nasal issues. I feel this product gives me an extra layer of protection as I have a hard time trying to not constantly rearrange the mask on my face. I’d not hesitate to recommend!



Added peace of mind during pandemic!

Coupled with a mask, NanoBio Protect gives me an added layer of protection when I am in a public indoor space. It is moisturizing and comfortable to use. Test results prove it kills bacteria and viruses for 4+ hours. It’s an absolutely great product in these trying times!



So useful if you will be going out in current times

I got this product because 1. you can never be too safe, and 2. if we will be travelling, this is another barrier of protection. Price-point is good because this small bottle goes a long way. I use a cotton swab and put it all over inside each nostril. It doesn’t have a smell so this would not be bothersome, especially for people that are very sensitive to smells.



An Added Layer of Protection

The NanoBio Protect Nasal Antiseptic Solution is an easy to use liquid. As directed, I used a cotton swab to apply before going to an appointment at the hospital. The antiseptic is unscented, and does not sting or burn. It is an added layer of protection and peace of mind while we are dealing with this virus.



Good to have around!

I loved how easy it was to apply this product – just dip in a cotton swab, then swab inside your nose. It’s watery and doesn’t feel thick or heavy. I used this on a trip to New Orleans last week and it seemed to work very well. Very portable for plane flights, too. Will continue to use for trips to the store during the pandemic. Highly recommend!



Great product

Outstanding product. I’ve been using it during this COVID-19 crisis whenever I go grocery shopping. So glad to have it as the economy reopens. Makes me feel like my family has the added protection we need. My daughter even used it when she worked in the hospital as a nurse’s aide this spring. Thumbs up.

Amazon Customer


Learn More about NanoBio Protect

The Science Behind NanoBio Protect

NanoBio® Protect uses proprietary nanotechnology to deliver a common skin antiseptic in a new way.

How is nanotechnology used in NanoBio Protect?

NanoBio Protect works because of its patented nano-formulation. The product’s unique, oil-based nanodroplets enhance the antiseptic’s antimicrobial activity, optimizing its ability to kill germs on the skin. The nanodroplets are small enough to be effective on the skin, but too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream — creating a layer of lasting protection.  

NanoBio Protect adds BZK antiseptic to the surface of nanodroplets. This technology offers four distinct advantages over conventional BZK antiseptics:

  • The Nanodroplets optimize the ability of the antiseptic to kill germs.
  • The droplets sit on skin after application, enabling protection for up to 8 hours (in lab testing).
  • Dry skin allows germs to penetrate. Nanodroplets hydrate the skin, preventing dryness and cracking.
  • When bound to the oil-based Nanodroplets, the antiseptic does not irritate the skin.

Can you provide more detail on how the nano-technology works?

NanoBio Protect is composed of positively-charged droplets that are 300-600nm in size. These droplets are attracted to negatively-charged germs on the skin. The nanodroplets deliver the antiseptic BZK to the surface of the germs where the germ is inactivated via membrane disruption.

Other conventional BZK antiseptics often combine BZK with water, causing crystallization. When crystallization occurs, it rapidly inactivates the antiseptic and can lead to skin irritation. But because each NanoBio Protect droplet carries a positive charge, the droplets repel each other — keeping the BZK molecules separated and preventing crystallization.  

Is nano-technology as used in this product safe?

Yes. NanoBio Protect and similar NanoBio formulations have been tested extensively in animal and human studies involving topical application. These studies demonstrate conclusively that topical NanoBio products are not absorbed systemically and are non-irritating. The products are alcohol-free and cannot be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.


NanoBio Protect

  • Protects for up to 8 hours
  • Kills 99.99% of germs on contact
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory infection

NanoBio Protect FAQs

Learn More About NanoBio Protect

How does NanoBio Protect work?

NanoBio Protect uses patented nanodroplets in conjunction with an active antiseptic (0.13% BZK). NanoBio Protect droplets are scientifically designed to target and kill germs. The nanodroplets enhance the antiseptic’s antimicrobial activity, optimizing its ability to kill germs on the skin. 

Is NanoBio Protect safe?

Yes. NanoBio Protect is an essential part of a daily regimen that helps keep families healthy. Along with frequent hand-washing, wearing face coverings, and social distancing, applying NanoBio Protect can protect you and your family from infection-causing germs.

NanoBio Protect is well tolerated and non-irritating, and its patented formulation gently moisturizes nasal skin. 

Does NanoBio Protect kill specific viruses? Is there related research?

Yes. In lab tests, NanoBio Protect has demonstrated the ability to kill 99.99% of infection-causing germs tested, including a broad spectrum of bacteria and enveloped viruses, including Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19), human coronavirus and influenza. It has not yet been tested in human clinical studies and so is not labeled to prevent or treat any specific disease.

NanoBio Protect labeling advises it "helps reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause infection." Is it indicated to kill specific bacteria? Is there related research?

Yes. In lab tests, NanoBio Protect has demonstrated the ability to kill 99.99% of infection-causing germs tested, including a broad spectrum of bacteria. Details on the pathogens against which NanoBio Protect is effective in lab testing is available for medical professionals at www.bluewillow.com.

Is NanoBio Protect FDA-approved?

NanoBio Protect is covered under the FDA over-the-counter skin monograph for the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride (BZK), which has been used as a skin antiseptic for decades.

Where can I buy NanoBio Protect?

NanoBio Protect is also partnering with professional channel distributors including:

  • US Compliance
  • DQE Ready
  • Market Lab
  • Scrip
  • Smartfill

If you have more questions, see our complete FAQs or contact us!

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